Real sustainable change in your health, fitness & per4mance takes time…

My own journey to change didn’t start with any profound epiphany. It was far simpler than that. I just hadn’t prioritised “Me and my health”. Hands down, that’s everything!

Let me show you how you too can do it. It starts with submitting your details.



Who is Dom?

From 41 – 45, it’s a period of time I spent sorting my sh#t out. Bouncing between 95kg and a whopping 115kg (I’m 172cm, that wasn’t great), suffering severe skin allergies and medical reminder I wasn’t invincible, I began pulling back from business after a risky opportunity paid off.

I’d started spending more time on me (Yes, it's selfish, but necessary) in order to be able to spend more time with my kids and trying to repair other damaged relationships. There was an obvious turning point for me which triggered many personal physical & mental challenges.

I regained my health, fitness & per4mance and jumped head first into ultra distance events, 24hr navy seal style immersions, obstacle course racing, and a few other physical and mental challenge events. I even stepped back into the combat ring at 47 for an amateur MMA bout.

Fast forward to today. I’m my fittest @ 50, happy & healthier than 40, physically stronger than 30, and mentally tougher than 20!

Now it’s my turn to share with others what I did and to help them do the same following a program that’s tailored to them, their situation and their goals.

The 3 Steps I Took To Lose 18kg in 18wks And Make Fight Weight At Age 46

Absolutely No B#llSh#t, No Skinny Teas, No Potions nor Magic lotions

Improve your daily movement and mobility

Learn how to exercise using your body as the only piece of equipment, reducing risk of injury

East better, sleep better, feel more confident

Unbottle that new energy, increase your confidence in YOU

Live the best life you can


Becoming fit, strong, lean and ready to per4m

Changing a habit can be started in as little as 21 days. But it takes you to continually apply your new skills and habits
for those changes to become new lifestyle behaviours.


Step 1: Treat Your Food As Fuel.

What you've probably been told ...
• You have to cut out carbs ...
• You need to cut calories ...
• You have to be in a calorific deficit to get lean ...
• And the worse one, you have to eat less ...

What we should be listening to ...
• Treat you food like fuel for a high performance engine ...
• Eat for a specific purpose, not pleasure or as an escape ...
• Focus on the source of the calories and the nutrients your body needs ...
• The body needs the right complex carbs to operate and function ...


Step 2: Strengthen & Condition Your Body

  • You have to lift weights ...
  • The workouts have to have intensity ...
  • Your program has to be built on a strong foundation before your periodize (i.e. increase weight or volume) ...
  • Development of muscle will fight fat stores in your body ...
  • The workout needs to be simple (not 17 exercise stations) ...
  • You need to workout with intensity for 30 minutes a day ...
  • That's a mere 2% of your weeks hours ...

Step 3: You Need To Change Your Mindset

Being committed mentally to change is fundamental to seeing this change through.

• Just because you have a gym membership doesn't mean you'll be motivated to go ...
• With self motivation comes confidence ...
• You got to have a plan ... and mentally, no matter how challenging, stick to it ....
• There will be days we you feel like crap ... they're the days you must commit ...
• The timeline to change is yours ... not some gym's 8 week challenge ... but yours ....
• STOP ... and this is key ... just stop comparing yourself to others .... your situation and theirs may be fundamentally different ...
• The aim should be ... a sustainable, long term healthy balanced lifestyle where fitness is a foundation element that enables you to be you ...

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Our Services

Our goal is to achieve a better version of you! Our Programming Is Founded On Achieving A Per4mance Based Outcome. All Sessions Have 2 Primary Elements - Physical And Mental. This Way Your Growth, Your Results, And Your Rewards All Compliment The Fitter, Stronger, Better YOU That Awaits

BASE TO RE4M (Semi-Private Coaching)

Strength & conditioning training is paramount to kick-starting your metabolism and changing your body shape. Our semi-private sessions are carefully programmed to help you achieve your results in a small group environment through ...

TRANS4M TO PER4M (12-Week Trans4mation)

Apply Today For A Free Transformation Assessment And Learn The Exact Game Plan You'll Need To Start Seeing Sustainable Results In Your Health, Fitness And Per4mance In The Next 12-Weeks.


Each of our programs is designed around a minimum entry level of per4mance. As you move along the program, the sessions become more challenging, physically and mentally, requiring your to adapt to change more easily. They are not designed to be easy – afterall, there’s no challenge nor growth in that approach.


$127 (one-time fee)

  • 4 introductory Sessions
  • • Movement screening
  • • Baseline strength testing
  • • Bodyweight movement
  • • Conditioning & endurance


$99 (weekly direct debit)

  • Weekly membership
  • 2x semi-private sessions
  • MCSTRAWMethod Cheat Sheet
  • Package $535


$138 (weekly direct debit)

  • 12-weeks min. term
  • 3x semi-private
  • MCSTRAWMethod Cheat Sheets
  • Access to periodical “Super Saturday” sessions
  • Package $1076


$153 (weekly direct debit)

  • 12-weeks term
  • Trans4m membership +
  • 2x Custom semi-privates
  • Package $1469


Check out a few client testimonials and what they have to say about MCSTRAW METHOD


"After fracturing my ankle & receiving 2 metal plates & 5 months on crutches, breaking 92kg wasn't an achievement. The variety in the sessions and sense of community of the group helps push me each workout. I'm down 18+kg, have 3 half marathons under my belt, much stronger, more toned and a improving each and every session."

Mark H.

"I've been on the program for a few cycles now. With each cycle, my program got a bit harder. But with the regular sessions I found I could push a little harder and it became easier. I'd lift a little heavier and unexpectedly I incurred another expense, new clothes. Clothes that previously were tight on me started falling off! I've lost over 25kg and reduced my bodyfat by over 15%"


"I've never really been a fan of the commercial gym atmosphere, but thought I needed to put some serious effort into improving my fitness. I joined the program and so far loving every workout. Coach is fantastic. Not pretentious, or focused on how good your gym selfies are. Its about being down to earth, constantly switching things up and keeping us challenged. I'd even say it's really good fun exercise, but when I'm in the middle of the session I'm like, WTF did I just start!"


"I train because it makes me feel great afterwards and when I train I feel super satisfied and know that I've worked hard. I started seeing results in a few short weeks and I've been able to sustain them over the cycle! The workouts are challenging and programmed so you go through different energy systems. The coach shares his knowledge and knows how to make you sweat, but keeps you paying attention to your form, so no injuries."

Registrations & Partnerships

  • BASE


    “Establishing a cornerstone” - Your first time with us is about getting comfortable with how the MCSTRAWMethod. The package will help you establish a firm baseline of your current health & fitness & prepare you to join our TRANS4M session program.

  • RE4M


    “Get back to where you once belong” - As a New Starter with us we want to ensure that you quickly recognise that our training methodology is one built on my own “Need To Change”. As Head Coach, I had a genuine need to make a change in my own life, so I’ve created the program that has a Purpose for every outcome.



    “Where the work really starts” - Trans4m is our small group coaching program that cycles through our MCSTRAWMethod training protocols. Each day there is a different protocol. Some are strength based, others mobility & movement, and the work horses amongst you will love the per4mance & conditioning workouts.

  • PER4RM


    Don’t let the weeds grow back” - Ah! We’ve all seen those damn weeds grow back after we think we’ve gotten rid of them. So it goes to say that we don’t want our “Old You” to haunt or come back. The Per4m Package enables you to extend on your group training with customised program just for you and your next version.

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